Robber loses heist case after 'evil twin' defence, gets 60 years

He, or possibly his diabolical sibling, acted as his own attorney. Or did he?

A robber who attempted to use the defence of blaming his "evil twin" has failed to convince a jury, and has been sentenced this week to more than 60 years in prison.

Steven Felton, from Pennsylvania, was sentenced on Monday for 10 heists, which occurred during 2012.

He was described as fleeing the crime scenes on a bicycle, earning him the nickname "bicycle bandit". Felton acted as his own attorney during the trial.

The jurors deliberated for nearly four hours before finding him guilty in 10 of 11 hold-ups, according to The Morning Call newspaper.

According to the newspaper, Felton wept at the defense table and burst into a giggling fit during the trial, forcing the judge to call numerous recesses.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Matthew Falk said: "This was a reign of terror he inflicted on small business owners," Falk said. "And there was no evidence that he was stopping. He only stopped because we stopped him."

As far as we know the evil twin brother remains at large. ®

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