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We saw the future: Apart from the bath apps it looks like the past

In the future, no-one can tell you how much things cost

IoT switches that look like switches, dammit


Rako: For those who prefer Klingon decor to that effeminate Federation nonsense

Rako: For several years, Rako have been making systems that will fully automate your home's lighting, heating, curtains and security. And naturally, they've always provided a range of high-tech control panels to drive all that tech. But what of the traditional home owner, who doesn't want a Star Trek panel at the entrance to his baronial hall? Step forward Rako's latest innovation: an on-off switch that looks, well, like an old-fashioned on-off switch. The true control is wired in behind it, and if you like you can specify that each flick of the switch cycles to the next program on the list.


'And if we turn it to red, we can make the room look like we live in a submarine...'

Moody: "Mood control made simple," claim Artistic Licence, a London-based maker of mood lighting controls. And they're certainly simple in that there's just a single illuminated dimmer control to worry about. If all you want to do is change the intensity, you just turn the knob. Want to change the colour? Press and hold for three seconds, then turn to set the colour, then press it again, then turn to change the saturation, then press and hold for three seconds and you're back to the dimmer control. With six different models ranging from £118 to £238, the pricing isn't the only thing that's complicated.


The Peabody Vitro Convector: Probably best to choose a different image for the baby's room

Vitro Convector: Take a look around your living room. What's the single ugliest object in sight? It's probably the radiator, a bland expanse of flat colour that betrays your sophisticated design aesthetic. But you can put all that behind you with this design from Peabody Living & Art, an expansive convection rad that looks more like a flat screen TV. The radiator alone will set you back $250, but the real bonus is the $20 artwork flats that you can get to fix onto the face. Each one is designed by an Argentinian artist, and they're lit by LEDs inside the radiator so it looks good even in the summer.


OLED Lamp: Not ideal for more bijou residences

Tile OLED lamp: This square OLED lamp gives off a flat, very even light, measures about six inches square, and is fully dimmable. It sits at a slight angle on your bedside table. Nudge it so it tilts the other way and it gently goes to sleep; nudge it back and it wakes up again. A simple and, dare we say it, beautiful design from Its only drawbacks: pricey at £345, and it does take up a lot of space on your bedside table.

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