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We saw the future: Apart from the bath apps it looks like the past

In the future, no-one can tell you how much things cost

Ali Siavoshi: Man of mystery


Ex Libris shade: If you see Ali Siavoshi, be sure to ask him about it

Ex Libris: Need to shed a light on your books? Or how about the other way around? A neat frame from Ali Siavoshi that turns any book into a lampshade. Unique and ingenious, for sure, but Ali's absence from the show means there's no pricing information available and there's no mention of it on his website.


'A'a Glass: If you have to ask the price... either you can't afford it or we can't remember it

'A'a Glass: Meet Tony Apilado. Tony isn't really a monk, "although I have achieved enlightenment", he points out. Tony, rather improbably, is a spokesman for Nude Designs, who represent 'A'a glass, who make hand-blown spherical light shades. And how much does one of these shades cost? Tony doesn't know. Over to his co-whatever, who's also called Tony, who does know but isn't saying. "They're bespoke," he says, refusing to put a figure on them. "Let's just say they're very expensive."


The Shuttle: Probably not compatible with Rako switches

The Shuttle: The Shuttle is a fully-restored pinball table, with all lights blazing, that's been repurposed as a coffee table by Altar Furniture. Well, not fully restored; it doesn't play pinball anymore. But it does look splendid in its custom case, shaped like a Star Trek shuttle. The bonus: open up the back and you'll find a selection of pieces of real meteor displayed on their own spotlit tray. Seriously. £6,500 starts to sound like a bargain.


Segula LED filament bulbs: Perfect for that Shoreditch pub look

Segula Bulbs: You know those old-fashioned-looking squirrel cage bulbs that are popping up in bars and restaurants all over the place? Pretty, aren't they? But being filament bulbs, they don't last long. Now Segula have brought out a dimmable LED version, which lasts for at least 20,000 hours. At £30 each they aren't cheap, but with an output of either 6W or 4W you get a hell of a lot of light for your pennies. Oh, and they look really warm and friendly, just like filament bulbs. ®

100 Per Cent Design is ongoing this week for trade visitors and students and is open to the public on Saturday 26th September 2015 at Olympia London.

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