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Reg readers: We want to integrate you into our Continuous Lifecycle

Let us turn your automation or containerization into an agile devops show

Reg Events We’re doing a major conference on DevOps next year and we don’t just want Reg readers to attend. We want some of you to be the speakers too.

Continuous Lifecycle will cover the full range of DevOps tools and methodologies, with three tracks over two days next May, and a day of workshops.

We’ve got leading thinkers, such as Dave Farley, and practitioners, like Pearson’s Chris Jackson, involved in setting the agenda.

With around 40 talks over two days, we’re not planning to skate over a few big ideas. We also want to reflect what’s really going on in the development teams, IT dungeons and data centres that make up the UK’s devops community.

Which is where you come in. We want to hear about your experiences with continuous delivery, application lifecycle management, Agile Development, and, yes, DevOps.

Whether it’s how you got a tricky project right by speccing it out properly in the first place, cutting through a log-jam by a cunning application of agile methodologies, or just accepting that your team screwed up and how you started again the right way, we want to hear how you’ve solved real world problems.

We’re interested in how you’ve automated your systems, containerised your applications, and gotten a grip on your testing. Or helped other people do the same.

We’re also interested in how devops tools and methodologies have allowed you to reorganise your development team, forced you to re-examine how your entire organisation works, or liberated you from the day to day drudgery of maintaining systems to taking your business in an entirely new direction.

The key is to produce something that will either help the other attendees solve their own problems, understand technology or methods they haven’t worked with before, or simply make them laugh. If you’ve never done this sort of thing before, don’t worry. Drop us a line with a few ideas, and we’ll work something out.

The one thing we don’t want is straight product pitches - though you can speak to our commercial team about sponsorship opportunities.

The deadline for proposals for papers is December 1, and the editorial committee will be meeting shortly after to finalise the program.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Full details here. ®

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