What's in the water coolers at Falconstor? Now it's being paired with Kaminario's K2 box

Hello, modern-day Lazarus

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Kaminario, with its capacity-rising, price-dropping K2 3D TLC flash array, is evaluating using Falconstor-sourced migration software. Together with other deals, this looks like FalconStor-Lazarus is coming back to life.

Version 5.5 of Kaminario’s K2 array, as well as adding Samsung 3D flash chips, also added native snapshot-based asynchronous replication, based on K2 native snapshots, all inclusive when buying a K2 array. Kaminario CTO Shachar Fienblit said Kaminario wants to improve the process of migrating data to Kaminario and simplify migration from legacy storage to K2.

FalconStor CEO Gary Quinn confirmed that his company is working with Kaminario.

It is a credible vote for the quality of FalconStor’s software. There is a report that X-IO is using FalconStor software as well with its Iglu storage products. Iglu added a raft of data management services to X-IO’s product line, which includes replication, cluster-supported high-availability and continuous data protection.

Egenera, a provider of white-label cloud services, has based its disaster recovery and backup protection capabilities on FalconStor’s FreeStor data services software platform as well.

Putting these three things together with the recent Huawei-FalconStor deal and we see a narrative emerging that, like Lazarus, FalconStor, with its FreeStor software, is emerging from the dead, and in some style. ®


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