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WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

We had fun tittering at this week's captions, but now we're looking for a devine response

This week’s caption competition used a picture from the Intel, announcing it had built a bra as the latest in wearable technology.

used for caption comp

Predictable but good was justincranford: Biting the hand that feeds T-IT, and we chortled at John H Woods' This could be dangerous in the wrong hands, let's keep it away from the Norks. There were a few around the same idea but we also liked John H Woods' The only trouble is that it goes titsup if you lie back. Anonymous Custard offered The team were shocked to learn that the T in IoT actually didn't stand for things... and Aren't you a little buxom for a stormtrooper? as well as Intel demonstrates their new 2 jigglebit storage device.

Efros's I said siliCON dearie, siliCON... not CONE! was good – although we thought more might be done with the idea and no-one did. Prize for the most appropriate user name goes to TitterYeNot who said The Intel engineering team realise that they may have overdone the 'Smart' when their new bra starts to complain about the terrible pain in all the diodes down its left strap. Unfortunately that prize consists of just this mention and not the hard disk.

This week was a bit thin on gratuitous pops at Apple, so we’ll settle with Andy Non's I've isolated the problem; it keeps downloading Windows 10 and Rol's If, as it appears, Intel is no longer chasing the low-hanging fruit, can we expect things to be a little perkier in the future?

Showing his age is Frumious Bandersnatch: Fully supports, POKE and PEEK on mammary addresses.

Some people actually looked at the picture rather than the idea that Intel was making a bra. Peter Gathercole gave us The quality inspector pointed out to the management that the machinists really had to stop leaving loose threads on the finished garment, while msknight added Teleconferencing was the only way to be safe when reviewing the bra's defensive capabilities.

Others we liked were:

Stumpy: The heat dissipation and power consumption are pretty poor, but the mammary expansion capabilities are excellent.

John H Woods: Funding Committee (via Skype): "There's been a misunderstanding, Doctor, we were sure your application stated research into composite bosons."

Huns and Hoses: Damn awkward time to need a charge, but it had run right down to 32A.

David Nash: The "unboxing" video of the latest wearable tech was proving more popular than most.

yoganmahew: Tech support felt a hands-on approach would be the quickest way to get a reboot...

Andy Non: To make a payment at the supermarket I just have to bend over the card reader.

But the winner is Tromos: When I ordered rack-mounted processors, this wasn't quite what I expected.

Tromos wins a Western Digital Black 6TB drive. Now you could too.

Western Digital has a range of drives aimed at the desktop market and the newly launched 6TB Black is the fastest of the lot.

This is the top-of-the-range WD drive with a 128MB cache, sustained data rate of 600MB/s, StableTrac to cope with vibrations caused by the sub-woofer in a hardcore gaming system, and dual processors.

The drive has a SATA interface and the well-established Ramp Load technology which parks the heads off the disk surface to prevent stiction, and Advanced Format Technology which uses eight 512 byte logical sectors in one 4096 byte physical sector.

With the news that the Pope has delayed the latest coming of the Jesus phone, we looked to Shutterstock for inspiration and this is what we found:


Compose a caption and drop it into the comments below. Please try to keep it SFW. If you want to be considered, please don’t hide as an anonymous coward, and if you win we’ll need a UK mailing address. We’ll look at how many upvotes comments get and then ignore that and pick the one we like anyway. If you want to find out more about the drive, you can check out the Western Digital website, and if you fall into the "I never win anything" or are just pants at captions you could always buy one. Or you could just go to look to see how cheap we are with our prizes. ®

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