Microsoft stamps its bootprints harder into India

Shove off Google, our cloud was here first

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Just days after promising to connect a ton of people in India to the world of cat GIFs and online ads, Microsoft has opened a load of data centers in the nation to flog its cloud.

The move was first mentioned last year by CEO Satya Nadella, who described the Indian cloud services market as a "two trillion dollar market opportunity."

The biz is bringing Azure to three major regions in the country, with Office 365 services available next and Dynamics CRM to follow in the first half of 2016.

"Microsoft is the first hyper-scale public cloud provider in India," boasted the company in a blog post.

It further bragged: "With 24 regions around the world – more than AWS and Google combined – Microsoft Azure is delivering hyper-scale cloud to its customers."

This week, Microsoft promised to connect 500,000 villages in the subcontinent to the internet. ®


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