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Mobile first? Microsoft decides to kneecap its Android users instead

And the man responsible for doing it is now in charge of Outlook

Folders? Oh dear

To see what SatNad's "Mobile First" really means in practice, have a look at the other user voice suggestions.

Business users don't get Tasks support, despite very rich Task support in Exchange. After Evernote became a hit, OneNote became the preferred Tasks "experience", winning out the internal turf war. (Tasks isn't even supported in the consumer service).

Window Phone dumps Exchange Tasks as a huge alphabetical list. The mobile clients don't support them at all. Exchange users can find excellent third-party PIM tools on iOS and Android to access Exchange PIM services, but none from Microsoft.

The one big idea in Acompli was an automatic filter: "Focused Inbox". But many users don't like it, and it forces you to jump between "Focused" and "Other" to see what's come in.

It doesn't handle folders well, save Attachments to your 'Droid, although soon it will. And while Outlook on Android users can't sync Calendars with the device, they can't not with Contacts, meaning users with Gmail contacts find them co-mingled.

For all this super functionality, Microsoft paid around $200m, which was merely part of a half-billion-dollar shopping spree to put "Mobile First". And if you thought that was just a temporary lapse of judgment, perhaps it isn't.

At the Office 2016 launch last week, Microsoft announced that the man behind Acompli had been promoted. Javier Soltero is now corporate VP "in charge of all Outlook engineering".

At the rate Microsoft is going, there won't be a lot of Outlook left to "engineer". ®

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