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Flaky Flickr's pic upload faulty for weeks, fume fed-up photographers

Shutterbugs furious that pic-sharing website isn't

Some users of Yahoo!'s photo-sharing site Flickr have been struggling or unable to upload photos to the site for several weeks.

The Flickr support forums are full of complaints from people – mostly in the UK – who have been unable to upload their snaps to Flickr.

Flickr is constantly timing out when uploads are attempted. The problem has been reported by Windows and OS X users. Discussions between photographers and Flickr staff have been ongoing for several days in the forums, but netizens in Blighty are still reporting problems with the service.

"If I try to upload more than one photo at a time, the process will time out, or I get a 'connection failed' or 'reconnect' message," wrote one bod. "I have had this problem for weeks."

One person experiencing the problems is Reg reader John Shelton, who told us he has been unable to upload photos to his paid-for Flickr account for two months now.

He told us today:

I have tried all day again and failed to upload my monthly set of photos – disappointing as on the first of each month I publish a blog that links to my latest set of photos on Flickr.

I have 31 photos. With a fast broadband link, as I have, they should take say maybe 10 minutes.

It seems to have gone wrong maybe since Windows 10. I have tried using Edge, Microsoft Exchange and Google Chrome to upload – none of them work. I have tried the (beta) Flickr Uploader, and it also doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, on the support forums, Shelton wrote earlier today: "I have twice sent off a log of my attempts to use the Windows Uploader (the old copy and past upload does not work at all), and it looks to me as though there are some Flickr server problems which Flickr is refusing to acknowledge or even consider.

"I pay for this service but will probably not continue with it as it is at present. What is the point of a Photo Sharing application for which you cannot upload photos?"

A Yahoo! spokesperson admitted there is an issue, and told us the Purple Palace is on the case, although no ETA for a fix was given.

"We are working to resolve the Flickr issue that's causing upload errors for some UK users," the Yahoo! bod said. "While the issue is limited to a small percentage of users, we apologize for the inconvenience." ®

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