Telstra iPhone customers RISE UP as download speeds collapse

Update: carrier confirms cable cut, doesn't say which one

Problems with an unnamed submarine cable are hitting in unexpected places: Apple iPhone users on the Telstra network are reporting catastrophically-slow performance downloading updates.

The issue seems almost certainly to stem from a combination of where Apple mirrors content it's delivering to Australians (Vulture South's bet: Singapore) and how Telstra routes traffic.

As blogger Stuart Ryan demonstrates here, using a VPN to bypass the carrier's default routes seems to fix the problem.

“If you want to get around the issue, some people have had success with changing DNS servers, but the most reliable way I have found is to use a VPN provider,” Ryan writes.

The SeaMeWe organisation is secretive and hasn't responded to The Register's attempts at contact regarding the rumoured cut, but Telstra attributed the problem to a cable cut in this Tweet:

The carrier didn't name the cable. The Register has contacted Telstra for further information. ®

Update: At 5:55 pm on a Friday afternoon, Telstra e-mailed The Register to say: "Arrangements have been made to re-route traffic away from the affected subsea cable and as a result the immediate issues impacting customers have been addressed. We will continue to work to ensure the impact does not return. We thank our customers for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused." ®

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