Volkswagen Australia says 77,000 local diesels need software fix

'Technical solutions to service the vehicles' yet to be determined

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Volkswagen Australia has revealed that 77,000 vehicles in Australia carry the emissions-fudging software that has plunged the company into crisis.

The company's antipodean tentacle today announced that 55,000 Golf and Polo models sold in Australia carried EA 189 diesel engine, while 5,000 Skoda passenger cars also have the problem. A further 17,000 commercial vehicles also have the problem.

What happens next? Even Volkswagen Australia isn't sure. It's popped up to let owners check if their cars are among the dirty dozens. That site says all of the problem cars are safe to drive and “As soon as the technical solutions to service the vehicles are identified and available in the various markets, all customers will be notified by Volkswagen Group Australia.”

Or in other words, Keep Calm and Carry On Unwittingly Polluting While We Sort This Out. ®


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