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FBI inks deal with Dell and Nutanix for embiggenable mutants

Hyperconverged hybrids snare the g-men

The FBI is spending $28m on hyper-converged Dell systems, running Nutanix software, for 55,000 virtual desktop users.

Dell has won a contract from the US Department of Justice for this deal. The basic hardware is Dell’s XC converged appliance, with the OEM’d Nutanix software, Dell’s networking gear and its AppAssure data protection software.

The Feds are buying more than 600 XC boxes, the ones that converge PowerEdge gen 13 server, storage (virtual SAN) and networking in one integrated system with Nutanix’s software. The systems will support VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Nutanix Acropolis hypervisors.

We’re told the g-men's field agents and admin staff will get better desktop systems and that the FBI will “dramatically expand its operations across its global footprint,” meaning it must be an international deal in deployment terms, at least. The agents and admin people will be able to “securely access agency data and applications at any time across any device.”

Overall the hyper-convergence means the admin staff will manage fewer elements in their IT environment, which should lead to cost savings. They’ll also be able to scale out the systems should demand grow.

This is a very nice win for Dell and is full of reflected glory for Nutanix, particularly with Acropolis involvement. ®

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