What's not up, Docs? Google Docs goes titsup in time for Friday beers

Total Inability To Sustain Usual Productivity

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Updated It's not you – it's Google. The web giant's Docs cloud has fallen off the internet, leaving US office workers eyeing up the boozer early.

The in-browser word processor is offline around the world, and returns a 502 error when accessing it. Google Drive is also struggling to stay up, it seems.

The alleged productivity suite went down around 1145 PT (1845 UTC). While peeps in Europe, Australia and elsewhere left their desks ages ago, it's not quite the weekend yet in the Americas. Perhaps Google's software has taken off early for the Columbus Day Weekend.

As hot salty tweets about the outage fell upon the web like a tropical rainstorm, the advertising goliath's status dashboard claimed everything was A-OK. It now acknowledges that engineers are looking into problems with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Classroom and Realtime API.

You're not alone – like millions of people across the globe, we here in The Reg's San Francisco office can't reach Google's stuff, either.

"Looks like something's up with Docs, but fear not, we’re on it and you’ll be editing again in no time," the Google Docs team tweeted a few moments ago. ®

Updated to add at 1330 PT (2030 UTC)

For us at least, Google Docs and Drive are now accessible; the web giant is having some success in bringing its cloud apps back online, it appears.


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