Virtualisation blog 'of interest to Interpol'

VMware man William Lam detained in France en route to VMworld Europe

UPDATE VMware employee William Lam appears to have been denied entry to Europe.

Lam touched down in Paris en route to VMworld Europe in Barcelona, but soon after landing Tweeted the following.

virtuallyGhetto is Lam's blog, where he chronicles things like ESXi on the Mac Pro and VMware's production cluster of Mac Minis, among other articles that mostly concern VMware's enterprise software.

So why's he been pulled up by Interpol? Lam's not sure. His Tweets suggest his passport was unable to be validated, which suggests he has made it onto a blacklist. Very few virtuallyGhetto posts touch on security and when they do so it's hardly NSA-grade material.

Lam's maintained his sense of humour during his ordeal, backing up our very own Trevor Pott's assessment of him as “A fantastic guy, and one of the smartest people on the planet.”

Lam was to present at VMworld Europe. As the Tweet below shows, that session looks like it will need to be rescheduled.

The #FreeWilliamLam hashtag suggests VMware is trying to sort things out in order to get its man out of chokey and off to Barcelona so he can present the half-dozen sessions he's signed up to deliver. ®

UPDATE: Lam's tweeted that he's on his way home, although not under the circumstances he'd anticipated.

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