Interview: Why evolution isn't enough to future-proof your systems

Hyperconverge your way to happiness

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Regcast follow-up After our recent Regcast on the future of your data centre, we locked the studio door before HP’s Craig Partridge and Intel’s Chris Feltham could bolt.

In our Regcast they claimed that IT departments will have to behave differently in a hyperconverged world, and so in our after-hours conversation we wanted to know more about the future that they predict, and why it’s not a simple process of evolution to adapt to changing stresses on IT.

Intrigued to know how we're going to get to this digital nirvana? Click on the video below to find out just how Craig and Chris reckon we can make the leap.

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Craig and Chris tell Tim Phillips how, soon, we will all be in the business of collecting and analysing information, how forward-looking IT departments have already started the change process, and how HP and Intel are helping their customers to get there from here. ®


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