Laser razor binned from Kickstarter resurfaces on Indiegogo

Skarp starts its $160,000 tin-rattle afresh

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The Skarp Laser Razor has resurfaced on crowdfunding portal Indiegogo, shortly after being ejected from Kickstarter for breaching rules "requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards".

According to a post on the Skarp Technologies Facebook page, Indiegogo "have been incredibly helpful & they believe in the Skarp Razor as much as we do!"

Indiegogo is not alone in its enthusiasm for the product, "powered by a small laser which cuts through hair for an incredibly close shave without irritating or damaging the skin."

The Kickstarter fundraising campaign had raised $4m in pledges when the Skarp was shown the door. At time of writing, it's already attracted over $80,000 on Indiegogo, from close on 600 backers. The product will be delivered in March next year as originally promised, Skarp Technologies insists.

As with all tech crowdfunding appeals, it's ultimately the backer who must decide on the product's viability, although sometimes overeager punters choose to ignore clear evidence that something just isn't legit.

In June this year, Kickstarter unplugged the "iFind" battery-free locator amid serious doubts surrounding its claimed EM harvesting capability.

When the axe fell, following widespread coverage of what one news outlet called "a slow-motion bank robbery", iFind's funding stood at $546,852 from 9,771 backers. The original tin-rattling target was $25,000. ®


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