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It's automation as usual for VMware after cash Dell-uge

Virtzilla issues new version of vRealize Automation at VMworld Europe

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger insists the Dell cash deluge and changed ownership structure changes nothing for the company, and Virtzilla's certainly carrying on with automation as usual at its VMworld Europe gabfest in Barcelona this week.

The headline announcement at the event is a refresh for the company's cloud management software. vvRealize Automation and vRealize Business Standard both hit version seven.

The jargon we'll be hearing about these products from now on is “unified service blueprint”, aka a way to model infrastructure services, plus applications and security services, across on-prem kit and public clouds. The idea here is that if you can model an environment, you can play with it in test and dev. Which makes DevOps folk happy.

The new release plays nice with every cloud and hypervisor that matters (except Xen), so you can model all sorts of architectures and then do the “spawn this now!” thang as the whim takes you.

vRealize Business Standard gains better price forecasting across, again, all the clouds that matter.

VMware sees management and automation tools as its ticket out of server virtualisation. The company reckons that server consolidation did great things for IT, by increasing utilisation rates for hardware and therefore helping to control IT spend. Now it wants to speed up application deployments, on the premise that infrastructure is all very well but its code that actually gets stuff done for businesses, so businesses will appreciate sped of deployment.

Plenty of VMware initiatives in containerisation and automation have this goal, often with hooks to server virtualisation. Whether being owned by Dell makes its efforts attractive to a wide audience, or sends users looking for alternatives likely not to be bundled aggressively, is the $67bn question. ®


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