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Italian court rules in favour of lunchtime porn viewing

Fiat employee wrongly sacked for DVD ogle

Italy's Supreme Court of Cassation has ruled that Fiat was wrong to sack an employee for watching porn DVDs during his lunch break, LiveSicilia reports.

Back in 2010, a court in Termini Imerese, Sicily, backed the company's decision to dismiss the man from its local factory for eyeballing smut. Palermo's Court of Appeal subsequently declared the sacking unlawful, an opinion now confirmed by Italy's highest beaks.

Critically, since there was no proof the man had watched the DVDs "during work hours" - merely a unproven "suspicion" - Fiat had no right to sack him, the Court of Cassation said.

However, the court did decide that Fiat was quite within its rights to issue marching orders to another employee "caught smoking joints during working hours". ®


A quick trawl of the Vulture Central "porn at work sacking" archive reveals that back in 2005, two Norwegians were booted from their jobs at the Ekofisk oilfield for "hunting net smut at work".

They were later awarded compensation from employer Conoco Phillips for unfair dismissal, after the matter had been through local, appeal and Supreme Court hearings.

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