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Europe's digital grand fromage Oettinger: I'm not resigning

Those rumours that the commissioner is to step down are not true

Europe's Digital Commissioner, Günther H-dot Oettinger, has denied rumours that he is to step down from his post.

Oettinger, who has been in the job for just a year, said on Thursday that the rumours that he is to quit the Commission for a position in the private sector were unfounded.

The gaffe-prone Günther was formerly Energy Commissioner, but was something of a surprise appointment to the post, as he is not known to be especially techie-like. He has compared net neutrality activists to the Taliban, and once famously boasted that he "uses the internet every day."

The rumours appear to have originated in the European Parliament, however the credence given them partly stems from Oettinger's enthusiasm for the German auto sector and general disinclination to stay on topic.

He is due to present his proposals for an overhaul of the EU's copyright laws before the end of the year, but the delivery date keeps getting pushed back. He first promised a draft law by June, then September, and now the new date is December. At least no one can say he's rushing into a new law too quickly. ®

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