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WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Go on, you know you want to, you funny people

El Reg's last caption competition had two men experiencing an Oculus Rift in a forest. Lots of the captions – indeed, most of them – hinged around a large ear growing out of a tree behind the two VR viewers.

Christian Bertrand /

There are lots of regular names here, and multiple entries from some of the smarter commantards, The ones we liked best were:

  • danielm: Duuuude... I've taken the glasses off and the trees still have ears!
  • Anonymous Custard: Mr Potato Head - the wilderness (y)ears
  • mark 120: As they removed the goggles and turned around, it became clear that technology really had reached the final front ear.
  • readinthereg: Right son, let's see if we can spot which tree big ears is hiding behind with these tree penetrating radar goggles.
  • Huw Barnes: Well that's finally answered the question "what looks more ridiculous; 2 guys in VR headsets or a tree with ears?", I guess we'll have to find funding for another research project now
  • Anonymous Custard: The beta-testing of Halloween VR was going well until they reached the Eerie Forest scenes

And the best of the “ear ones” was:

  • 2+2=5: Oh look... Oh look, a camouflage deer

Another theme was trees in forest captions:

  • quattroprorocked: Judging by the shit I just stepped in, that bear may not be virtual.
  • Anonymous Custard: Some bastard sabotaged the "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" simulation
  • Frumious Bandersnatch: If a tree falls in the forest, would it hit these guys? I sure hope so.
  • mrmond: If a trees cut down in a virtual forest, do the hippies still protest?

And then we had a great assortment of different entries:

  • Bigpatc: Oculus Pr0n - Where even the wood is in 3D.
  • g00se: Mum told us to go and do something healthy outdoors. Good thing she's not listening...
  • Matt Siddall: OK, I admit it. This bird watching lark is better than I thought...
  • disgustedoftunbridgewells: New VR tech allows you to experience a forest from the comfort of your very own forest
  • jonathan keith: Babbage's Spot The Difference Engine came with a few undocumented features.
  • Neil Charles: Jesus, have you tried taking it off? Everything's in 3D.
  • Richie 1: Isn't it great to get away from it all. Now, let's try the city simulator.
  • Slacker@work: The kid has spent hours cyber-flirting with the stunning 20something cheerleader stood to his left.... but then he removed his headset...
  • Werner McGoole: Due to advances in cyber hacking, Swampy and his tree-hugging friends were now able to keep one step ahead of the planners.
  • Herkybird: I cannot quite see it...I think it says "You qualify for a Windows 10 upgrade"...
  • He's Dead Jim: virtual reality....because real life ain't fucked up enough...
  • PK: Apple to take on Google Glass - now a rectangle with rounded corners.
  • Adam Jarvis: I expected the Royal Oak to be a pub.

There has to be a winner, but just to heighten the suspense we’ll announce a runner-up: regular entrant Frumious Bandersnatch came no-cigar with Dad... I, um, have something to tell you. I'd, eh, really rather have the smart bra from two weeks ago..

The Winner

This week's winner, also a previous winner, is Adam Jarvis who posted I know you need an Ultrafast Broadband connection for one of these, but didn't expect to be surrounded by so many FTTdp telegraph poles to achieve it.

We’ve never said that you can only win once so Adam can now RAID his prizes. Both his 6TB black drives are the top-of-the-range Western Digital drives with a 128MB cache, sustained data rate of 600MB/s, StableTrac to cope with vibrations caused from the sub-woofer in a hardcore gaming system, and dual processors.

The drive has a SATA interface and uses the well-established Ramp Load technology which parks the heads off the disk surface to prevent stiction, and Advanced Format Technology which uses eight 512 byte logical sectors in one 4096 byte physical sector. WD sells them here.

Given that you are going to face tough competition from the many weekly competition entrants if you want to get your hands on one of these, you are going to either be funny... or you could just buy one.

Feeling funny? Well if it’s not something you ate, you could give us a caption for this..



Please try to keep it kind of SFW, but applicable to the content. If you want to be considered, please don’t hide as an anonymous coward, and if you win we’ll need a UK mailing address. The competition closes at 9:00 UK time next Thursday, Oct 22nd. Post your witty words in the comments below. ®

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