SeaMeWe-3 cable connecting AU to Asia patched, new fault found

This is why your broadband will be slow until about October 30th

The SeaMeWe-3 cable break that's given Australian 'net users performance headaches has been fixed, but the cable's developed a second fault that won't be repaired until the end of the month.

At the end of September, Vulture South reported the cut to the cable.

Even with traffic routed around the disruption, the cable cut was a problem for connections to destinations west of the country, since the cable connects Perth to points in Asia, the Indian sub-continent, the middle East and ultimately Europe. Routing via (for example) America imposed significant extra latency on connections.

After three days' work onsite, a cable repair ship reported the fix was complete – but a new fault developed.

As iiNet (for example) puts it on a status update:

“Our network partner has advised that the fault was repaired today but have advised there is a second fault and this is expected to be completed by the 30/10.” ®

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