BT swarms into the global cloud world with Caringo

Object storage firm hooks up with big regional reseller

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British Telecom is setting up a cloud storage service using Caringo's Swarm object storage technology.

Caringo's product is the object-based storage component of BT's Compute Storage offerings, which include storage, data protection and sharing for BT customers around the globe.

With a nod to current Safe Harbour difficulties for customers, BT says its Swarm-based offering makes it "easy to host sensitive data in their country while meeting rigorous compliance regulations."

It says its Compute Storage allows enterprises to extend file storage, data protection and sharing across a remote-office storage infrastructure, and features:

  • End-to-end encryption using AES 2048-bit
  • Hashed and validated data using SHA-1 fingerprinting to prevent tampering
  • Privately-held encryption keys for our Amazon S3 compatible and BT SCSP object storage access APIs
  • Dedicated, isolated data storage areas that remove the risk of leakage
  • Data storage in state-of-the-art BT facilities under 24/7 surveillance with authorized-only access

BT's ambition is writ large here. Does it want to be GT – Global Telecom? It says this is the first part of its “cloud of clouds” offerings: "Dedicated nodes are available in the UK and Germany, with planned expansion to all 18 countries in which BT’s IaaS platform is hosted (Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and the Americas)."

It's great for Caringo which picks up a strong regional reseller, in effect, albeit one with global ambitions. ®


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