Wailing kiddies face Xmas Legogeddon

Plastic brick shortage warning - start panic buying now

Parents who've been eyeing Lego as a Xmas gift for their wide-eyed kiddies had better get down to their nearest toy shop sharpish, fill a trolley with as many plastic bricks as they can and fight their way to the check-out before the full effects of a predicted pre-Yule Legogeddon begin to bite.

According to London's Evening Standard, Lego has warned "it is once again facing difficulty supplying the demand for its products in Europe as the festive season looms".

A spokesman told the paper: "There will be a lot of Lego products out there but you cannot guarantee that people will be able to find a specific product."

It remains to be seen if the warning prompts the kind of toy madness which in 1992 gripped the UK, as grown adults battled to secure the remaining examples of Thunderbirds Tracey Island – that year's must-have Christmas gift.

Chillingly, a similar "interactive Tracy Island playset" – a spin-off of the new Thunderbirds animated series – may provoke a similar frenzy, retailer Argos predicts.

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