NEC chasing global deal for app-specific Oracle DB appliance bundles

Talks at OpenWorld will explore global expansion for Australian collaboration

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The Australian limb of NEC has cooked up an application-specific bundle based on Oracle database appliances and hopes to expand the concept and take it global.

NEC Australia's calling its efforts the “OneBox Appliances”. Inside you'll find an Oracle database appliance and Oracle apps. First appliance off the rank is one providing integration between on-premises systems and Oracle's RightNow service cloud.

The OneBox kit was developed in response to a customer request and NEC Australia told The Reg the Oracle appliance just did the job better than other kit. The client's apparently delighted and NEC Australia thinks others will be too.

NEC Australia is therefore now cooking up appliances to deliver a single-sign-on machine, a PeopleSoft box and a rig designed to offer educators the Oracle applications they like in a pre-configured system.

Oracle boasts a network of resellers for its appliances, but NEC Australia claims it is the only one to have cooked up application-specific versions of Big Red's boxen.

Paul Howie, NEC Australia's general manager for business and consulting services, said the idea has attracted interest from Oracle's mothership and said he's off to Oracle OpenWorld next week with expectations of talks to take the NEC-ified appliances global. ®


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