Reg reader post-pub chef brews superscharf currywurst

Mild sauce just too 'wuss' for asbestos-gutted gourmet

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It's agreeable to get a bit of feedback on our post-pub wobbly dining delights, and we're always keen to hear just how readers get on with our recipes.

Last week, we presented for your eating pleasure the German classic currywurst, and quicker than we could say Currysoße, Sir Sham Cad reported back on his own hot pig-in-a-tube cooking experience.

Mr Cad reckoned we'd been a bit cautious with the curry powder, and recklessly charged in with a hot variant.

Here's his collection of ingredients before the kick-off...

Our man's currywurst ingredients

...and now enjoy his report from die Küche:

  1. As I added the spices to the pan my eyes began to sting almost immediately.
  2. As the sauce mixture began to reduce to a paste consistency I realised the kitchen would never smell the same again.

The currywurst sauce on the boil

  1. After decanting the reduced mixture into a mixing bowl I began to attack with a hand blender.
  2. About 10 seconds into the blending there was a popping sound, puff of smoke and smell of knackered electric motor as the curry sauce had destroyed the blender.
  3. I had a go with a fork until I gave up and decided chunky currywurst was OK, actually.
  4. With the addition of some fried bratwurst and some spud wedges, I served up with a Pilsner...

The finished currywurst on the plate

Cad concluded: "Use hot curry powder. It was really, really good. Lester's just being a wuss. Bring a spare blender, though."

Ahem. You present currywurst on floral crockery and I'm a wuss? Get your laughing gear round our finished result, on a proper plate:

Close-up of the finished currywurst

Incidentally, one commentard weighed in last week with the following analysis: "The photo used with this article looks like a turd."

That, and accusations of wussiness, are not the way to curry favour* round here. This is how it's done:

Dear Uncle Reg, pleeeeeease turn this into a physical cookbook one can go buy in a bookshop, and, while you're at it, see if you can interest Aunty Beeb on the idea of a cookery show based on this, simply because I'm so fed up with the current fare served up on the subject of food on't telly.

Food for thought there, and we had pondered some form of booky recipe compilation, now that we've assembled a genuinely hearty and diverse menu of post-pub grub. Hmmmm... ®


*Thanks, you've been a lovely crowd, I'll be here all week, try the currywurst, etc, etc.

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