Imagination cuddles Brillo, Debian and OpenWrt for thing-devs

Brillo edges closer as Choc Fac opens early access program

MIPS specialist Imagination has thrown its lot in with Google's Brillo Internet of Things (IoT) operating system, with the company prepping a development kit for the stripped-down Android derivative.

The alignment with the Chocolate Factory plants another flag in the IoT market, without Imagination having to cozy up to competitor ARM's mbed operating system.

Its ship date – November – also hints that the slightly-delayed Brillo preview program that was slated for Q3 when the OS was first announced will go live before the end of the year.

Google has just started taking registrations for its Brillo early access program.

The company's Creator Ci41, is due in November, and squarely targets IoT developers: a high-yield, cheap 40nm-process MIPS to keep system costs down.

While Imagination hasn't announced a spec for the chip to go on the Ci40, it says it uses the same MIPS multithreading technology as the 3W, 2.5 teraflop EyeQ4 shipped by licensee Mobileye.

The development kit will also pack 802.11ac two-by-two MIMO and Bluetooth 4.1.

As well as Brillo, the Ci41 is going to support Debian Linux, along with the open source OpenWrt router firmware for comms developers. Further details on the development board's comms will be announced in early November, the company says, just ahead of first shipments.

Google launched the who-thought-of-this-name Brillo in May of this year, assembling a team of Nest, Android and Chrome developers to take out the bits of Android that Things don't need.

Imagination's announcement is here. ®

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