Oracle cloud billows into six Equinix bit barns

Big Red finds more ways to satisfy hybrid hopefuls

Oracle and Equinix have thrown the switch on the latter's Cloud Exchange in six new cities: Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Singapore, Sydney, and Washington, D.C.

Cloud Exchange is Equinix's connectivity offering. The bit barn baron is happy to rent any comers a rack in which to stack their kit, but these days also hopes you'll come to it for connectivity. Equinix already hosts plenty of cloud companies' kit: Amazon Web Services famously tends to appear wherever Equinix opens a new facility.

The idea behind Cloud Exchange is that the data-centre-to-data-centre connections Equinix puts in place between its own data centres, or to others where big clouds operate, are both well-priced and well-specced. Enterprises who place servers in an Equinix bit barn are therefore promised rather speedier access to cloud services than is possible from ones own premises and an ideal environment from which to do hybrid cloud.

Adding Oracle to its client roster therefore gives Equinix a chance to dangle itself before those who would use Oracle's cloudy apps, or new infrastructure-as-a-service services, in either conventional cloud or hybrid mode.

The Reg understands that Oracle has also splashed down its own cloud rigs in some of the half-dozen Equinix locales mentioned above, to offer even speedier access and help users to address data sovereignty issues.

Oracle, therefore, is spreading its cloud in new and useful ways. And Equinix's connectivity strategy is moving forward, which should please the company as today the majority of its clients are service providers. Enterprises are its ambition now, so the more companies like Oracle it can encourage into its arms, the more attractive it should become for hybrid hopefuls. ®

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