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Linus looses Linux 4.3 on a waiting world

EXT3 filesystem bites the dust, graphics and virtual Linux desktops get some extra love

With fewer ugly incidents than might have been expected, and after an expletive-laden rant directed not at a coder but at code, Linux Torvalds has announced that Linux 4.3 has gone general availability.

His note to the Linux Kernel Mailing List note that most of the changes from release candidate 7 were dominated by changes to networking code.

“We had a network update and a late fix for a x86 vm86 mode bug introduced by the vm86 cleanups, but other than that it's just a collection of various small oneliners all over,” he wrote. “Ok, the vm86 mode thing was a one-liner too, it was just slightly more nerve-wracking because it looked scarier than it was before people (Andy) figured out what was going on.”

The release includes more driver updates than you I can poke a stick at, new drivers (for example, adding Texas Instruments' DP83848 Ethernet, Sierra Wireless MC/EM 74xx devices) and some fixes in ARM.

Support has arrived for graphics provided by Intel's Skylake and AMD's R9 Fury "Fiji" graphics processors. Support for the EXT3 filesystem is gone - it's a subset of EXT4 so the pain shouldn't be acute. There's also OpenGL 3.3 support for VMware, to advance the cause of Linux on the virtual desktop.

If you're keen or having trouble sleeping, you can look down the full list of diffs here. ®

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