Windows 10 is an antique (and you might be too) says Google man

'Basically XP with a flat design skin' says Android user experience leader

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Google's design guru Matias Duarte has taken to Twitter to damn Windows 10 – and you – with faint praise.

Duarte is Google's veep for material design and led user experience chores on Android from version 3.0, did likewise for PalmOS and the Danger Hiptop. In other words, here's a chap who's had a lot to do with the user experience on a few prominent devices and operating systems.

Here's how he started his thought bubble about Windows 10.

Next, the zinger!

And then, the professional view.

If only Microsoft hadn't botched that attempt by forcing a tablet-oriented interface onto the desktop, while failing to recognise touch screen upgrades just weren't on users' minds.

Next: blaming you for Windows 10's dullness.

Yes, Matias, lots of us like Windows XP because for all its limitations it just let you get stuff done. And while it had some frustrations (why did it take Windows a long time to populate the list of printers to which it is connected, and why is that still a problem in Windows 10?) it was speedy-ish, stable, didn't suck CPU cycles with pointless animations and didn't ask anyone to radically re-learn what it takes to drive a computer.

Users keep voting with their feet on this issue. XP was simple, and a hit. Vista was confusing, and a flop. Windows 7 was simple, and a hit. iPhones are expensive, but simple, so users are willing to pay a premium. Android dominates the market for cheaper devices.

Windows Mobile is a flop. Windows 10 is being forced onto users.

User experience designers seem to your correspondent to have very clear feedback about their efforts from the markets. Over to you, Matias. ®


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