'Anonymous' says anonymous KKK dump wasn't from Anonymous

Alleged anonymous hack group says US Senators are members of anonymous hate group

The plan to out members of the Ku Klux Klan hatched by persons using the name and iconography of online activist collective “Anonymous” (PUTNAIOOACA) isn't going well.

As we reported last week, PUTNAIOOACA peeps posted a Pastebin page in which they threatened to expose members of the KKK.

Just such a list has since appeared, but we shan't link to it mentions elected officials whose lawyers we'd rather avoid.

After news of the list hit the intertubes, @Operation_KKK, the Twitter handle behind the original pledge to out Klan members, posted this Tweet.

November 5? Yes, that is Guy Fawkes' Day, which features rather prominently in the Alan Moore and David Lloyd graphic novel V For Vendetta.

Let's also parse the tweet a little further, because it shines a little light on what looks to be a another PUTNAIOOACA faction trying to clamber aboard @Operation_KKK's effort. What a way to run an insurrection. ®

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