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Microsoft Band 2 wrist watchers in pay-first-ship-much-later rage

Does twiddling your thumbs count as an exercise?

Microsoft’s online shipping and delivery service is in the dock, this time angering fans of Redmond’s Windows wearable.

Hopeful owners of the Band 2 are complaining about Microsoft having taken their money but not delivered the goods.

Band 2 is due to launch in Canada on 20 November, but the firm has been taking orders with payment since October – a gap of more than four weeks.

Band 2, priced at $249-$331, was unveiled on 6 October with availability in the US from October 30.

It also seems there’s been a breakdown in Microsoft’s logistics, as in cases where Band 2s have escaped warehouses in China the devices have been recalled once the mistake was realised.

Prospective owners have taken to the Windows Central forum to vent their anger.

Nysetvit said:

“Microsoft screwed up and shipped them early (and billed my credit card early by the way). I called the Microsoft store and complained and received 2 x $20.00 promo codes for use on my next order. I would've settled for the Band 2 early but they have intercepted the shipments.”

Samdavid6 reckoned he’d been fobbed off by scripted apologies when he complained:

“Canadian orders are stuck till just before the 20th. Definitely MS' screwup. I tried calling customer service complaining about them charging my card but not giving me a product but she gave me the virtual ‘we apologise’ spiel.”

Ckabas said:

“I'm told they shipped my band but then returned it to their warehouse in China when they realised it shouldn’t ship yet. They charged my card but refuse to ship it to me now. The rep had no explanation as to why Winnipeg clearance is showing up on my FedEx tracker.

A frustrated Ckabas wanted to cancel the order but was told he couldn’t and could only return it once it arrived.

One fan who ordered their Band 2 on 26 October has been told their order now won’t ship until 2 December – some five weeks after their order was placed and payment taken by Microsoft.

This is not the first time Microsoft’s online delivery and logistics has landed it in hot water.

Eager fans of the new Surface Book have found their pre-orders cancelled after legitimate purchases were flagged as fraudulent by people’s banks and credit card providers, suggesting the fault lies in the way Microsoft’s online store is taking payments – or at least the way it’s recognised by financial services firms.

In some cases, orders for Surface Book’s have had to be resubmitted, with new shipment dates of up to two months.

Nor is the first time Microsoft loyalists have complained about the huge gap between taking pre-orders – with payment – and delivery. ®

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