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LG picks up US smartphone crumbs, gains on Apple and Samsung

Cupertino's iPhone 6 bounce starts to wear off

Apple and Samsung are still the category-killers in the US smartphone market, but LG has managed to peel a small sliver of market share from both in the September quarter.

That's what emerges in data from Comscore, whose September 2015 numbers show that Apple and Samsung each shed 0.5 per cent US market share, picked up by LG which added 1.1 per cent of smartphone subscribers.

September 14 July 15 September 15
Apple 41.7% 44.1% 43.6%
Samsung 29.0% 28.1% 27.6%
LG 6.9% 8.3% 9.4%
Motorola 5.4% 4.9% 4.8%
HTC 4.4% 3.4% 3.3%

Apple's iPhone 6 – launched in September 2014 – clearly gave Cupertino wings for a while, but as the table above shows, that boost has plateaued.

With LG picking up the pieces, the total Android market share grew slightly year-on-year. Comscore gave it 52.1 per cent of the market at this time last year, and this year it's 52.3 per cent, while iOS in its various flavours slid slightly to 43.6 per cent.

Microsoft's share of mobile operating systems remains a dismal third, at 2.9 per cent, with Blackberry at 1.2 per cent.

Facebook and Apple dominate the non-Google apps installed on smartphones, as Comscore's table (below) shows.

Top 15 Apps % Reach
1 Facebook 76.2%
2 YouTube 61.0%
3 Facebook Messenger 60.9%
4 Google Play 52.2%
5 Google Search 51.2%
6 Google Maps 49.8%
7 Gmail 42.8%
8 Pandora Radio 42.6%
9 Instagram 38.6%
10 Yahoo Stocks 32.2%
11 Apple Music* 32.1%
12 Apple Maps 29.3%
13 Amazon Mobile 27.6%
14 Twitter 25.2%
15 Google Drive 24.4%

Top-15 apps by reach, according to Comscore.

Since Google gets to ship whatever it likes with Android, it's hardly surprising that the Chocolate Factory holds six places in the top 15. Apple clearly needs to try harder to load up its iPhones with cruft. ®

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