Stoned train in multi-million-dollar wreck

Defeating opsec with a rock

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Melbourne police are investigating who made off with a train at around 2am this morning, resulting in around AU$2 million worth of damage.

Trains aren't supposed to move unless the driver has a key, but according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the vandals defeated the lock with a literally stone-age implement: a rock.

Metro Trains spokesperson Leah Waymark told the broadcaster a key is needed to start a train.

Sergeant Mark Chetcuti from Victoria Police said “they've used a rock to force the lever and put the train in motion, causing that to drive for 40-50 metres and basically just destroying everything in its path”.

“Everything in its path” included carriages, fencing and security boxes at the Melbourne station of Hurstbridge. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

The train was stopped by derailment pads, the ABC reports. ®


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