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How to wrap your brain around HP Enterprise's reheated StoreOnce kit

Disk backup hardware and software families reshuffled

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has refreshed its deduplicating backup-to-disk products with new hardware and software.

On the same day HPE announced flash-oriented StoreServ arrays, the biz revved its StoreOnce product line as well.

The old product line started with a software-only virtual storage appliance (VSA) with up to 50TB of capacity and then ran through five hardware product groups:

  • 2700 with 8TB raw capacity for remote offices
  • 2900 with 24-48TB capacity
  • 4500/4700 with 24-192TB
  • 4900 with 60-560TB
  • 6500 with 72-1,728TB

There are four new hardware models and we've tabulated the basic raw capacity range differences between old and new.


StoreOnce old and new products

The starting raw capacity range is tidier. We're told the VSA continues but the 3100, 3520, 3540, and 5100 replace the 2700, 2900, 4500, and 4700. However the 4900 and 6500 carry on, as their capacities exceeded those of the four new products. They will continue to be available for customers to buy new units and upgrades.

We're also told the StoreOnce VSA is available in 1-50TB capacity points. There is a free 1TB license for customers for evaluation and test. This is upgradeable to 4TB/10TB/50TB capacity points.

HPE says these new models are priced less than $0.05 per usable gigabyte (GB) of logical capacity, based on a typical 20:1 deduplication ratio. Using a StoreOnce 3520 vs. EMC Data Domain DD2200 comparison, it claims the 3520 is available at up to 40 per cent lower cost with 2.7 times more performance and up to twice the density.


StoreOnce 3520

The software news includes Recovery Manager Central (RMC) supporting Microsoft as well as VMware environments. It runs a snap copy from a StoreServ array to StoreOnce and integrates with VMware vCenter and Microsoft SQL Studio. With SQL Server support being added, there is no need for licensed ISV agents to move SQL Server backup data from StoreServ to StoreOnce.

HPE Data Protector integration with RMC enables 3PAR snaps to be archived to tape.

We're told StoreOnce has native integration with Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Veeam, and Veritas applications. There are application-integrated snapshot offload capabilities from 3PAR StoreServ arrays via the RMC software.

There is also an updated OST plug-in for Veritas NetBackup and BackupExec 2015.

On the tape side, HP is moving to the latest LTO-7 format with its StoreEver line of media, drives, and automated libraries now supporting it. With the use of LTFS, HPE says StoreEver tape can provide "Tape as NAS" to StoreServ arrays for bulk tape-based file archives.

The StoreOnce 3100 with 8TB of raw backup capacity is available worldwide on December 14, 2015, with a US street price starting at $5,931.25. We like the $0.25 cents – you have to have precision, but this is a bit picky. What kind of person/company doesn't round this down to the nearest dollar?

The S3520 starts at 12TB raw and $8,128.55; the 3540 with 24TB raw starts at $10,950, and the 5100 with 48TB raw is priced at $25,056. ®

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