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Apple's Faulty Powers moment: iPad Pro slabs 'temporarily bricked' during recharge

Fanbois fret following freaky phantom fondleslab freezes

Some Apple iPad Pro owners claim their new jumbo tablets freeze when being recharged.

Multiple posts to Cupertino's support forums over the past several days describe how the enormo-slabs stop working when plugged in to a power source, and need a hard restart to revive them.

Judging by the message boards, the issue usually occurs when charging up the slate for the night. The iPad Pro will not respond when the user tries to wake it up, we're told. Instead, it must be forcibly rebooted by holding down both the home and power buttons for several seconds.

"Mine has now shut down each morning after charging through the night. Ipad pro will not open. Hard reset (pressing sleep and home button for 10 secs) starts machine up again. Speaking to Apple senior technician he said take back to store for replacement," wrote user pewtermad.

"At night it was down to 40 per cent so I charged it and went to bed. When I woke up it was 'dead.' It wouldn't wake up. I needed to perform a hard reset to get it to come to life. Worked on it for a couple of hours and had to run an errand. Plugged it back in as I was going to need a full charge later that day. Came back to it, same thing. Dead. I needed to perform a hard reset to get it to turn on," claimed iPad Pro owner darkfire.shadows.

"I have the exact same issue. When I connect my iPad Pro to the charger for more than an hour, it goes dead. It takes multiple hard resets to bring it back to life," wrote user LukeD.

The moans and gripes will not be good news for Apple, which is pitching the tablet as its champion in the enterprise space and challenger to the beefed-up Microsoft Surface Pro line.

Some folks have reported that a restore from iTunes helped alleviate the problem, while others said installing the iOS 9.2 beta release cleared up the freezing. Apple has yet to offer an official fix for the issue, and, as we've come to expect, did not respond to a Reg request for comment on the reports. ®

Is this iPad Pro issue a headache for you too? Any remedies that you've found? Let us know.

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