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French Playmobil heist: El Reg denies involvement

Thousands of boxes lifted from lorry

We at El Reg's Playmobil department would like to categorically deny any involvement in a heist last week which saw thousands of boxes of miniature fun lifted from a lorry in southeastern France.

According to this local report, thieves made off with 12 pallets of Playmobil from a lorry parked in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, some 20 kilometres from Lyon.

The vehicle's contents had been destined for an e-commerce operation in the Saône-et-Loire region, but when the driver rolled up bright and early last Monday morning at the rue de Bretagne (pictured below), he found his trailer empty.

The rue de Bretagne seen on Street View

Any Reg reader who was in the vicinity of the robbery and may have a lead on the identity of the perps is urged to get in touch so we can make a cash offer pass the information to the authorities. ®


Thanks to Steve McKinty for the tip-off.

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