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Fujitsu: We started the cloud party, honest

Acquisition of UShareSoft to be 'core' of cloud stuff ... get down

Fujitsu Forum 2015 Fujitsu has outlined a timetable for its hybrid IT digital platform after inking a deal to acquire French-based fluffy white services outfit UShareSoft.

Some components of the digital business platform MetaArc are already available, including an Internet of Things, big data, mobility solutions and app dev.

Head of Fujitsu’s EMEIA product business Michael Keegan told us more is to come. App management is due in this quarter; cloud based development is set for release in the first half of the next calendar year; and the app marketplace is expected in the second half.

“We are not buying [the concept] that everything will be hyper scale or digital with no infrastructure. We believe organisations that leave the past behind will find it tough because of their existing IT infrastructure,” he said.

Dumping legacy IT is not an option, due to the intricate layers of security and compliance, among other considerations, so big business needs to make “incremental steps” to digitise their organisation.

“They are not throwing out everything they’ve done before,” said Keegan.

Fujitsu will incorporate UShareSoft primary software product into the Cloud Services K5 as the “core” of MetaArc. The ware is designed make it more efficient to build, migrate and deliver apps for multiple clouds

The joined firm will also use the acquired entity as its global cloud R&D centre, based in Europe.

Perceived wisdom among HP et al is that hybrid IT is the way forward for organisations. Keegan told us “we got the hybrid IT party started” even though its fully finished MetaArc line seems to be arriving to market belatedly. ®

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