Netflix and skill: Web vid giant open sources Spinnaker cloud tool

Continuous delivery across AWS, Google Cloud and CloudFoundry

Netflix has released Spinnaker, an open-source tool for testing and rolling out software updates in the cloud.

The Apache 2.0-licensed code provides continuous delivery of applications, including managing and monitoring their deployment. Netflix said Spinnaker will replace its Asgard project.

The streaming video giant said Spinnaker took a year to build, and is based on its internal toolkit that ushers new features from development and testing to production.

"We looked at the ways various Netflix teams implemented continuous delivery to the cloud and generalized the building blocks of their delivery pipelines into configurable stages that are composable into pipelines," Netflix delivery engineering manager Andy Glover explained.

"Pipelines can be triggered by the completion of a Jenkins job, manually, via a cron expression, or even via other pipelines."

Ultimately, Spinnaker is supposed to help developers emit software changes at high speed globally across multiple hosting platforms.

Currently, the project is compatible with Amazon's AWS, Google Cloud, and Pivotal's CloudFoundry, with support for Microsoft's Azure planned. Accordingly, the project is backed by Google, Pivotal, and Microsoft in addition to Netflix.

"Spinnaker represents a major contribution to the open source world and packages up years of Netflix development efforts and lessons learned from the cloud trenches," Pivotal Spring team member Greg Turnquist said of the release.

"Cloud adopters who have been forced to develop custom deployment workflows atop their continuous integration platforms, or within, will find much value in Spinnaker." ®

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