Want to boost your payslip? Get DevOps on your business card

Around 55 per cent of DevOps engineers make $100,000 or more, says report

Getting DevOps onto your business card can make a serious difference to your standard of living, if a salary report from Puppet Labs is anything to go by.

The automation vendor’s 2015 Salary Report also said that teams using DevOps practices – such as continuous integration and, er, automated testing – tended to be “higher performers”, with IT team performance strongly correlating to business performance.

Unfortunately, the report doesn’t go into depth on those points. But who cares, what we really want to know is what difference going DevOps will make to your paypacket, isn’t it?

In the US, at least, the answer would be quite a lot, with DevOps engineers pulling in “noticeably higher salaries than most other practitioner job titles".

Around 55 per cent of DevOps engineers make $100,000 or more. The only other job title doing better is “architects” with 75 per cent making $100,000 or more. A happy 15 per cent of DevOps engineers earned $125,000to $150,000.

When it comes to “software developers”, 46 per cent make it into the six figure band. By comparison, 31 per cent of developers pulled in $75,000 to $100,000, while 29 per cent of DevOps engineers came in that band.

Just 24 per cent of sysadmins made more than 100,000, of who just one per cent topped the $150,000 market.

Of course, it ain’t all wine and roses. While 71 per cent of US practitioners worked more than 40 hours a week, the report said “more DevOps engineers reported working in excess of 50 hours per week than any other job title".

On a broad basis, the highest salaries for IT practitioners went to those in Australia/New Zealand, the US and Canada. In the US, 37 per cent of IT practitioners earned more than $100,000, while in Western Europe, the comparable figure was 12 per cent.

The full report is here. ®

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