Oz 'Anon' to spend a year in the slammer

Justin Soyke aka 'Juzzy' sentenced

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The sentencing of a hacker claiming Anonymous affiliations passed with little notice in mid-October.

The three-year sentence, handed down on October 15, has emerged via Databreaches.net and picked up by IT News.

Justin Michael Soyke, who went under the handles “Juzzy” or “Absantos”, was convicted on charges of unauthorised modification of data, attempting to gain access to a system to modify data, and two counts of unauthorised access to data with the intent of committing a serious offence, the Databreaches piece says.

IT News notes that he was believed to run the @Op_Australia Twitter account.

Seventeen other attempts to break into systems were “taken into account” in sentencing, with the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions saying he attacked Australian and international government servers, and four private company systems to which he tried to upload exploit kits.

Databreaches believes Soyke's arrest in 2014 has connections to the Laurie Love investigation in the UK.

Soyke will serve a year behind bars, and will spend three years “on recognizance”. ®


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