Western Digital begins navigating the non-volatile memory maze

Stifel: All-Flash storage array market will hit $6.9bn by 2019

Massive market growth

Stifel thinks the the all-Flash storage array market will grow from a $2.5bn addressable market in 2015 to a $6.9bn by 2019.

It believes Flash $/GB is aproximately 5.7 times higher than disk drive $/GB now and will decrease to around 2.7x by 2019, excluding the impact of deduplication, compression, and the overall TCO benefits.

It sees a 100 per cent CAGR in the amount of all-Flash storage array capacity shipped from 2014-2019.

The flash supply (the non-volatile memory supply) area is a seething cauldron of developing hardware and software technologies as foundry suppliers model and measure the massive capital investments needed against estimated market returns.

It is a fabulously high stakes game, with literally billions of dollars in play and hyper-active technology developments. This is surely one of the most exciting technology areas in the whole IT industry. ®

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