Struggling to understand Docker? Let's start with a Minecraft demo

Taking a pick axe to your application strategy

Explaining containerisation can be tricky, so Docker has turned to a medium it reckons everyone can understand. Minecraft.

The vendor used its EU conference this week to demonstrate how to use Minecraft as an interface to its technology, via Cuberite, a scriptable Minecraft server.

Thus Docker containers are visualised as ... containers, while according to the Docker blog, “To start or stop a container, you go into the container and hit a switch”. Docker commands can be typed in Minecraft itself.

Of course, given the nature of Minecraft, everything looks like it’s made from containers anyway.

You’ll need a Minecraft account, though we’d suggest things might be easier if you just have a ten year old handy and just use theirs. After all, it's you that's probably had to shell out for the game anyway.

That’s about it right now, though Docker said this is just an alpha demo, and it is seeking “contributors”. How far it will push the Minecraft metaphor remains to be seen. The idea of breaking into other people’s worlds and destroying their containers is presumably not on the agenda.

Of course, the use of games to explain key aspects of a career in the technology world throws up all kinds of possibilities.

Sales people focus on targets, material acquisition and travel, so perhaps Grand Theft Auto would be a good starting point, while if you want to know how to deal with board Slenderman could be instructive in dealing with murderous faceless be-suited ghouls.

We're sure you have much better suggestions, so let us know. You can find full details on how to download the demo here. ®

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