Tesla recalls every single Model S car in seatbelt safety probe

90,000 motors hauled in for checks

If you are fortunate (and rich) enough to own a Tesla Model S, then you'll have to take it in for a checkup, as the automaker has recalled all 90,000 cars because of a problem with the seatbelts.

The recall comes after a single complaint from a European Tesla owner, who turned to speak to a back-seat passenger and found their seat belt broke. The issue hasn't been replicable in 3,000 cars tested so far, although Tesla has decided to recall all vehicles for checks. It says the cost of doing so is "immaterial."

"Our investigation was unable to reveal any root cause," a Tesla spokesman told Reuters. "We are going to look at every single car. We expect the vast majority of seatbelts to be fine."

The recall is voluntary, and Tesla owners can test the issue themselves by yanking the seat belt with around 80lb of force. Owners should report to their nearest servicing center, and testing shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.

Tesla's stock price fell significantly as the recall was announced, but then rebounded and is now at $220-per-share, down less than 1 per cent on the day's trading.

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The recall overshadowed something of a PR triumph for Elon Musk, coming one day after his appearance on the popular geek show The Big Bang Theory. Musk made a cameo on the show, helping out in a homeless shelter for Thanksgiving, although his acting is hardly on a par with his entrepreneurship. ®

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