Short weekend break: Skegness or exoplanet HD 189733b?

Our handy cut-out-and-keep comparison guide

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Our recent piece examining the extreme weather on exoplanet HD 189733b prompted some readers to suggest that conditions on the distant hot Jupiter are in fact more benign than those enjoyed by visitors to British seaside resort Skegness.

Well, for those of you thinking of taking a short weekend break over Xmas, the better to escape the annual orgy of capitalism, we've knocked together a quick comparative guide, encompassing the key points you'll need to consider when making your decision to either hit Blighty's Lincolnshire coast, or venture off-world.

Before getting to that, just to give some locational context in the vast majesty of the universe, this is where HD 189733b is...

The position of exoplanet HD 189733b

...and Skeggy, (as it's fondly, or not so fondly known) is right here:

The position of Skegness in the Milky Way

With that clarified, on with the cut-out-and-keep guide (click for embiggenment):

The comparative merits of Skegness and exoplanet HD 189733b

So there you have it. We'll leave you to decide if Mayor Boris Johnson was right when he declared: "Stuff Skegness, my trunks and I are off to the sun." ®


If HD 189733b doesn't float your boat, try NASA's Exoplanet Travel Bureau for alternative destinations.


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