OpenBSD's native hypervisor emerges

By all means start rummaging, but expect breakage in this very early code

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The native OpenBSD hypervisor promised in September has emerged.

Kernel dev Mike Larking has posted news of the hypervisor, but hosed down expectations along the way.

“An early rough cut of the vmm subsystem is now in the tree,” he wrote. “This includes both the kernel parts and userland parts.”

“I'm not going to explain all the how-tos at this point,” Larkin added “This is because vmmctl is going to have a pretty significant change coming in shortly, and anything I would write here on 'how to use it' is just going to end up changing anyway.”

Larkin nonetheless reckons "there is enough there for people to start playing with running OpenBSD VMs."

So what's stopping you? The code's in the OpenBSD tree and awaits your exploration.

The OpenBSD Foundation's partly funded Larkin's work and given him “no legacy-free mandate”. The effort therefore looks aimed at helping legacy operating systems to find a comfortable home for their declining years. ®


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