This storage startup dedupes what to do what? How?

Yep, it's complicated. Our man Trev unravels one new firm's tech

This is why everyone fights

The above is a look at one particular approach to storage: SimpliVity's. It's a good example of a startup that is out there doing something that's quietly radical. SimpliVity focuses on selling hyperconverged appliances and it doesn't talk much about the storage that underpins those clusters.

I think that's mad. The storage solution it's designed is one of those things that makes the nerd in me happy and could be used for any number of purposes beyond hyperconvergence.

SimpliVity isn't the only ones coming up with novel ways to do storage, it's just the fun example I had to hand. Startup after startup has their own unique twist. They all patent what's different than that which had gone before and they all fight about performance, reliability and efficiency on social media.

The technology industry is messy, but there are numerous companies out there who are actually advancing the state of the art, not merely recycling that which has gone before. Beware buzzwords: technology terminology has to be considered carefully because words have baggage in this industry.

Figuring out which amongst the various offerings is the best fit takes more than a 15-minute skim through some white papers or a brief look at a Pointless Quadrangle.

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