Last call for the NCC Group Cyber 10K challenge

Get your entry in by Nov 30 for chance to win £10,000

Competition The November 30 deadline for entering NCC Group’s Cyber 10K challenge is coming up fast – so get those entries in now.

To recap, the Cyber 10K is designed to encourage students and recent grads to take up careers in IT security. NCC Group challenges entrants to put forward fresh and innovative ideas to help solve cyber security issues and will give £10,000 and expert advice to the winner to develop his or her own security solution.

If you want to impress the judges with your Cyber 10K entry, here is the scoop on what they are looking for:

  • Solutions that tackle significant problems – think about the biggest cyber security issues that businesses and consumers face today. If you can solve these, you are in with a good chance of winning the jackpot.
  • Potential for the idea to make an impact – the judges are seeking solutions that could make a sizeable difference in the cyber security world. Something that focuses on an issue that affects all businesses of all sizes will score more highly than a solution that is relevant to one sector only.
  • How feasible is it to implement? You need to think about how your solution will be implemented. The simpler this is - for example if it uses existing technology - the better it will score in this area.

The deadline is November 30 so enter the Cyber 10K challenge here.

The entry criteria include:

  • A description of the problem you are trying to solve.
  • A description of your solution and how it addresses the problem.
  • In addition to the above for an entry to qualify you must include a working prototype – a functional solution which can be used to demonstrate the idea in a reliable manner that accurately shows the idea working.

There are no strict categories. Anything goes as long as it hits the entry criteria, but some areas that you might want to think about include:

  • Cloud security
  • Cyber incident response and clean-up
  • IoT and mobile security of consumers, and user awareness, training and support
  • Cyber security on small budgets

The Register is a media partner of Cyber 10K and our security correspondent John Leyden is a member of the judging panel.

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