Russian nuke plant operator to build on-site data centre

'Status: Green' may not be what you want to hear if you put data in Kalinin

Russia's sole nuclear power plant operator, Rosenergoatom, has reportedly hit on the idea of building a data centre next to one of its power plants.

Telecom Daily reports that that the Kalinin nuclear power plant will gain a ten-thousand-rack, 80-megawatt data centre as a near neighbour.

Co-locating power sources and data centres is nothing new – the US state of Oregon's hydro-electric facilities have attracted numerous bit barns. Nuclear plants, however, raise emotional arguments that hydro plants do not.

Rosenergoatom apparently hopes to cash in on Russia's decree that its citizens' personal data must be stored on its own soil. Some firms have moved to tick that box, but big players are yet to decide where they'll store data in Russia.

One thing in the data centre's favour is its location at 57°54′20″N 35°03′37″E, a spot about 200 kilometres north-west of Moscow where cooling is not going to be a problem for much of the year.

The bit barn is apparently scheduled to open in 2017. ®

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