Splunk, Rocana trade blows in blog 'libel' spat

Don't like something on the internet? Why not send a little ‘cease and desist’ order

Data analysis biz Splunk and rival Rocana are going toe-to-toe after a blog post by the latter questioned the ability of the former's products.

The post, headlined "Rocana vs. Splunk: IT Operations Showdown", compared Rocana's gear with Splunk's.

Splunk did not see the funny side in having its package sized up by a smaller competitor. It promptly sent a serious-sounding cease-and-desist letter to the biz, advising it to take down the article.

The demand [PDF] stated: "Splunk welcomes the opportunity to discuss these issues with Rocana to assure itself that Rocana does not tolerate, and will not participate in, acts of false advertising, unfair competition, trade libel and defamation.

"If Rocana does not immediately cease and desist from these acts, then the continuation of this conduct must be considered either to be acts attributable to Rocana and the individuals making the false statements undertaken with conscious disregard of Splunk's rights, or that Rocana has authorized or ratified the wrongful conduct described in this letter."

In response to Splunk, Rocana shot back a letter [PDF] stating it "categorically rejected" each statement Splunk made.

Rocana added: "If Splunk pursues any legal action against Rocana for opportunistic or malicious reasons, Rocana will not back down and will pursue all rights and remedies against Splunk and any affiliated parties."

Isn't this supposed to be the season of good will? The Register has contacted Splunk for further comment. ®


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