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HPE and Scality team up? I, for one, am underwhelmed

An object lesson

Storagebod I was hoping that one of the things that I might be able to write about after HPE Discover was that HPE finally had a great solution for scale-out storage, either NAS or object.

There had been hints that something was coming; yes, HPe had done work with Cleversafe and Scality for object storage but the hints were that it was doing something of its own. And with IBM having taken Cleversafe into its loving bosom, HPE is the only big player without its own object platform.

Turns out, however, that HPE’s big announcement was its ongoing partnership with Scality. Now Scality is a good object platform, but there are bits that need work – as is the case with Cleversafe and the others.

I don’t think that I am the only one is left disappointed by the announcement and not the only person who was thinking … why didn’t they just buy Scality?

Is HPE still thinking of doing its own thing? Well, it has gone very quiet and there are some sheepish-looking people about.

If there is any take-away from the first HPE Discover … it seems that HPE is discovering slowly and the map that is being revealed has more in common with the Mappa Mundi than an Ordnance Survey map … vaguely right, with bits missing and centred on the wrong thing. ®

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